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Led bulb manufacturers talk about the scope of application of smart bulbs


Ordinary light bulbs have only one brightness, what wattage you choose, wait until you die, this light bulb will still have this wattage. Different from smart bulbs, it can realize the brightness control of the bulb. Whether it is the soft light when reading a book, the bright light when eating, or the dim light when a young couple is together, it is all done through the equipped APP.

Traditional light bulbs need to be controlled by the right time and place, and all operations are purely manual. The smart light bulb breaks the tradition, and the mobile APP solves all manual steps. Smart bulbs can also act as security guards, and users who are away from home can also remotely control the lights at home. Think about it carefully, if you and your family are traveling on vacation, the only thing that people can’t let go is the thieves patronizing your home. Smart light bulbs solve your worries, so that the lights in the home can be turned on and off normally every day, and the normal operation of the lights makes the home alive, and it is not easy for a thief to look at your home once and again.


What is linkage? That is to say, the lamp bead manufacturer embeds the internal Internet communication module of the smart bulb, which can effectively view the Internet access, then relying on the cloud service to enter the platform can connect to the user's smart phone, so that every user can know the room at any time The working conditions of the smart bulb inside, including the illuminance, color, power consumption and other comprehensive indicators of the smart bulb will be displayed, which is very convenient to use.

Smart bulbs also have social attributes. Because of the built-in IoT communication module, each user's color preferences and electricity consumption habits can be automatically synchronized to the cloud platform. In this way, users can know their own or other people's hobbies and better point-of-use strategies through their smart phones anytime, anywhere, so that they can better see complete social activities.

In life, LED light bulb manufacturers have also discovered that smart light bulbs can not only be used at home, if you are a young entrepreneur born in the 1980s, coffee shops, tea houses, fast food shops can install this special atmosphere light, hospitals, kindergartens and other special occasions. It can also be installed to meet the light color needs of different patients and children.


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