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Guangdong Xiangxin Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in LED optoelectronics manufacturing and LED lighting products R&D and production.

Jianghuling is a light source brand under Xiangxin Group, a professional lighting manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales. It mainly produces LED light sources, LED light frames, LED light strips, LED bulbs and other products. The company has a large number of technical talents who have been honed in the lighting industry for many years. Relying on excellent technology and supreme reputation, it has continuously expanded its scale. Always adhere to the independent innovation of product research and development, and is committed to providing energy-saving, environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable lighting solutions for construction, transportation, urban lighting, supermarkets, hotels, office, home, industry and other fields. Create a charming lighting space of your own for consumers. Since ancient times, health, environmental protection, and fashion have been the goals that people have pursued. Today, we integrate environmental protection and fashion to meet consumers' rigid demand for lighting space to a greater extent.

Standing on the shoulders of giants and looking at the lighting industry, we gather the power of design, product and service! We intend to bring high-quality products to the market, pioneering and innovative technology and the guidance of new lighting methods for all mankind in the future!

21 years of technology precipitation, 21 years of product precipitation, 21 years of quality reputation. The Jianghu Order that was born from Xiangxin Group has inherited the solid foundation of creation and production strength, and at the same time is willing to break through the conservative and innovative creation and production marketing model! Open market opinion collection and enthusiastic research on lighting applications in future lifestyles;

Jianghuling focuses on the current situation, provides the market with stable and cost-effective light source products, and also invests in research and development of better and more suitable lighting products for future life. Jianghuling has created a new team dedicated to serving the domestic market. Vigorous, full of enthusiasm and lofty ambition; with a firm and innovative attitude, a belief in quality and a persevering spirit of service.

Jianghu Ling is looking for the highest martial arts cheats in the industry; everyone is looking for his own martial arts cheats Jianghu Ling will surely create a legend of the future light source!


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