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Rearrangement of led chips to promote the growth of LED bulbs


Lighting is not just for lighting! It can also be art, it is an attitude and quality of life! Lights create a situational atmosphere for people, and the sensitive organs of people’s eyes respond quickly to light sensitivity! When Edison invented and created the light bulb, it was only to solve the problem of light. Today, most of the lights are not just for this. A healthy lighting environment has received more and more attention and attention from everyone! Lighting design has begun to become a necessity in our lives! Light is more than just lighting! Lighting will be an art that affects the quality of your life!

The lamp bead manufacturer re-arranges the LED chips on the long substrate inside the bulb, connects the chips with gold wires to achieve conductivity, and attaches yellow phosphors to the surface, which can meet people's desire for warm natural light that a generation of LED bulbs cannot meet.


It is a fashion that drives the growth of LED bulbs, which may help lighting companies promote LED products more than selling points such as "energy saving".

The real problem with led lighting is that the life of the bulb is very long, so they do not have a stable cycle that makes the market profitable. Now the industry may have found a way to make people spend more money on lighting. But not because they need lighting, but because changing light bulbs is cool.

LED bulb source technology continues to make breakthroughs, and the manufacturing process of each link in the industry chain is becoming more and more mature. The future development of LED bulbs will inevitably coexist with scale and differentiation. The filament lamp market has entered the prelude to the explosive period. Regarding the development trend of LED bulbs, some people in the industry believe that one is the direction of flexible development and the other is the direction of intelligence.


Bulb lamp

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