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LED lamp bead manufacturers outline the current domestic LED bulb packaging technology


LED bulb packaging is a kind of technological innovation. We know that ordinary LED lamp beads are a single chip with a voltage of 3.0V fixed in a plastic bracket cup, and then dispense packaging, that is, PLCC packaging. The LED bulb is a series of multiple chips are fixed on the glass substrate, and then the compression molding package is completed. The LED bulb has the characteristics of low current and high voltage, which effectively reduces the heat of the LED and the cost of the driver, and has outstanding advantages.

The led filament is a series of multiple chips fixed on the glass substrate, and then the compression molding package is completed. Led filament has the characteristics of low current and high voltage. LED lamp bead manufacturers effectively reduce the heating of LED and the cost of the driver, which has outstanding advantages. This is the led filament, a brand new form of led packaging, and it is also a popular led product nowadays. It can be used to make LED bulbs similar in shape to incandescent lamps, which can easily achieve 360-degree light emission.


The LED filament process is usually achieved by encapsulating 28 0.02W 1016 LED chips in series on a glass substrate with a length of 38mm and a diameter of 1.5mm, and then performing a mold-top fluorescent glue. The led filament is driven by 10mA current, the voltage is 84V, the power is 0.84W, the luminous flux is 100lm, and the luminous efficiency can reach 120lm/W. If it is matched with a red chip, the color rendering index can reach 95 or more, and it has excellent photoelectric performance.

LED bulbs require that the packaging glue has good maneuverability when dispensing glue, fast glue out, no glue hanging, after dispensing, it can quickly maintain the shape without flowing or collapsing. The viscosity exhibits good shear thinning behavior with the increase of shear rate. When the shear rate is 100s-1 and the viscosity is about 1000cs, it has very good glue operability and will not hang glue; when the glue is dispensed, the external force is removed, and the shear rate is 0.01-0.001s-1, the viscosity is 2-3 million cs, non-flowing, with good shape retention.

Since the LED bulb is a closed environment, and the silicone encapsulant contains low-molecular volatiles, these substances will condense on the inner wall of the bulb after volatilization, forming an oil film, and severely even cause fogging, which not only affects the appearance, but also Affect light efficiency and light decay. The filament glue is a non-oil type filament glue. There will be no oil mist on the inner wall of the bulb, only a very small amount of oil film or even no oil film is produced on the inner wall, which does not affect the light efficiency and light decay at all.

Led filament manufacturing technology, led filament application technology, glass bubble encapsulation technology, and non-stroboscopic power supply technology have all been in-depth research and complete supporting facilities. Many incandescent lamp manufacturers have successfully transformed and upgraded through this, and led lamp manufacturers are rushing to join. The led filament lamp market is becoming more and more lively and has become a popular product in the field of led bulb lamps.


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