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Jianghu has adopted well-known manufacturers such as Epistar, Sanan, and Kellett for LED chips in all products, and has established long-term partnerships.

Using 1.54 D70 hard modified silica gel made in Japan, combined with a self-developed formula,

The light extraction efficiency is increased by 15%, the light decay is less than 5% for 20000 hours, and the color rendering index is greater than 85.

Medium and high-power products are combined with polycrystalline integration technology, and the high thermal conductivity of nano-metal materials COB,

Keep the junction temperature below 80 degrees, and the luminous efficiency can reach 120LM/W.

Small and medium power products adopt multi-core integration technology, and combine series and parallel circuit design to achieve high and low voltage sharing.

And realize the effect of multi-color temperature, multi-color, adjustable and variable.

Bulb lamp

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