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What are the problems with the electric welding of the copper core wire of the LED lamp bead


What are the problems with the electric welding of the copper core wire of the LED lamp bead

Compared with the line pattern electric welding welding, the LED lamp bead package copper core wire electric welding welding has many problems. Here are some examples of difficult questions today, and I look forward to giving you some enlightenment.

1) A little welding aluminum layer is destroyed, especially the thickness of 1um aluminum layer is more serious;

2) There will be some tube bundles in the bottom structure of the one-point welding Pad, for example, there are layers of holes, and the bottom layer has lines, and the risks must be carefully evaluated. The current LED lamp bead manufacturers should deepen and upgrade the copper core wire processing technology. However, the current packaging factory using copper core wire does not seem to be harmful to the product development of integrated IC;

3) The disadvantage of the second spot welding is mainly because the copper core wire is not easy to fuse with the support frame, which leads to cracking or damage to the crescent, resulting in poor welding of the second welding, and the customer is at risk of stability during the entire application process;

4) Regarding many support frames, the output power of the second spot welding, USG (Ultrasonic) resistance and working pressure must be improved, and the compliance rate cannot be improved concisely;

5) Unable to carry out common fault analysis;

6) The MTBA (hour productivity) of machinery and equipment will be lower than the thread processing technology, which will endanger the production capacity;

7) The training cycle time of actual operators and professional technicians is relatively long, and the actual requirements for the professional skills of employees are higher than that of line welding, which will undoubtedly harm production capacity at the beginning;

8) The raw materials are prone to thick turbidity. Assuming that the production and manufacturing are combined with the processing technology of wire lines and copper core wires, please pay attention to the storage life and different materials in the production and manufacturing operations. Wrong writing or air oxidation lines are only damaged. Missoperation warnings often appear, which is not good. Increased risk;


9) The cost of consumables has risen, and the service life of the copper core wire wedge is generally reduced by more than half compared with the line pattern. At the same time, it increases the level of confusion in manufacturing adjustment and the cost of porcelain nozzles;

10) Compared with wire-line electric welding, in addition to the firing rod (EFO), there are also a large number of formingas (forming vapor) to maintain the vapor transmission pipeline, which must point to two directions. This can directly jeopardize the pass rate. Precisely control and maintain gas pressure, increase cost, and increase failure rate;

11) Aluminum splash (AlSplash). Generally, it simply appears on the wafer with a thick aluminum layer. It is not necessary to distinguish the hazards easily, but special attention must be paid not to short-circuit the circuit. Simply crush the PAD or weld the sliding ball. Composition of poor tests or complaints from customers;

Air oxidation occurs after the line is crossed, and there is no standard to distinguish the risks, and it is simple to form the phenomenon of poor contact, which increases the unqualified rate;

13) The WirePull, Ballshear inspection standards and SPC control lines must be improved from scratch. The current specification for the use of thread patterns may not be completely suitable for copper core wire processing technology;

14) The copper core wire is oxidized in the air, which will cause the deformation of the World Cup Golden Globe Award, which will endanger the yield rate.

15) Due to the frictional resistance of users, the copper core wire electric welding welding still cannot accept some customers with high safety requirements, and even loses customer trust;

16) The use of non-emerald green plastic sealants (containing halogen elements) in the processing of copper core wires is likely to have safety problems.

17) Pad assumes that fluorine or other residues will also reduce the stability of the copper core.


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