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Common problems in the use of LED lamp beads for engineering lighting projection lamps?


Common problems in the use of LED lamp beads for engineering lighting projection lamps?

LED lamp beads are widely used in many manufacturing industries such as lighting fixtures, LED large-screen displays, traffic lights, decorative design, computers, electric toy gifts, network switches, telephones, advertising, and lighting in large cities. So now, let's talk about what problems must be paid attention to when using led lamp beads in engineering lighting projection lamps?

Engineering lighting is a particularly critical part of urban construction, including LED line lights, LEDled wall washer lights, and LED projection lights. It not only improves the big cities, but also makes the night scenes of the big cities more attractive. LED lamp bead manufacturers can effectively improve the reputation of the area.


Nowadays, in daily life, everyone advocates green and environmental protection. LED lamp beads have many advantages such as effective environmental protection and energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection, and are widely used in many areas. What problems must be paid attention to in the engineering lighting design plan?

1. When choosing LED lamp beads, not only should pay attention to the service life, color tone, environmental protection and energy saving of the lighting, but also need to consider the well-known brand of lighting, the material of the product and after-sales maintenance services. This is in the whole process of lighting design. It is also very important.

2. In the formulation of the lighting project, the use of LED lamp beads at night or other times can better store the original design style of the garden landscape and enhance the style of landscape design. Therefore, we must grasp what we want to express in the landscape planning and behind the design plan, so that the landscape lighting formulated can conform to the core concept that the interior designer wants to express, and create a more beautiful garden landscape.

3. The design of a successful lighting project is not greasy. Therefore, in the basic lighting fixtures and important lighting fixtures of the lighting fixture project, the design plan should be developed based on the overall atmosphere to create a different visual enjoyment. In the landscape lighting design plan of engineering buildings, LED projection lamps with patterns can be used to create the atmosphere, and LED projection lamps can be used to project ornamental fish and other pattern designs. It can also be matched with water-patterned lamps to complement each other and merge with each other to create unique characteristics Night lighting design plan!

LED lamp beads manufacturers want to say: To create a more beautiful night, the LED lamp beads must be integrated with the garden landscape, so that they can firmly grasp the eyes of netizens, and can also create a unique large city lighting garden landscape. At night, the LED lamp bead lighting fixtures also have a beautiful view!


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