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LS6D05-G901-5.5W without dimming
LS6D05-G901-5.5W without dimming

LS6D05-G901-5.5W without dimming

  • Classification:GU10 G9 G4
  • Date of issue:2021-10-25
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Product parameter

Lamp material: ceramic+PC

Color temperature: 3000K (customizable)

Power: 5.5W

Voltage: 170-260V

Lamp size: φ18*70.5mm

Product advantages

Wide pressure without flicker, 360 degree light-emitting angle, high-brightness chip package LED as the light source, uniform light output, luminous efficiency Ra>80, good heat dissipation, low light decay; fast startup speed, no stroboscopic, long life: less light decay , Life is up to 20000H, frequent switching will not cause any damage, good vibration resistance, easy to transport



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