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What are the criteria for selecting LED lamp beads and how to treat the advantages of LED lamps


What are the criteria for selecting LED lamp beads and how to treat the advantages of LED lamps

LED lamp beads can be said to be very popular in the current era. Whether it is to make modeling art lighting effect sources, or to make instant lighting equipment, it has an irreplaceable influence and is becoming more and more critical. Then LED lights What is the selection criteria for beads? How to look at the advantages of LED lamp beads.

What are the selection criteria for LED lamp beads?

1. Look at the quality of the light source and the actual effect of anti-glare. This is also the difference between the various residues of the lamp beads. I have to admit that the quality of the light effect is the root of a lamp. Is the light spot beautiful? Generosity is considered to be harmful to the role of lighting fixtures.

2. Looking at the special effects, let's first look at the special effects: each W output power of the light source causes the kinetic energy of lighting (generally called the lumen value). Under the same lamp bead output power, the higher the special effect, the higher the chromaticity, and the same light chromaticity, the lower the power consumption.

3. Look at the color temperature of the led, whether the color temperature of the led is symmetrical all over, it will harm the actual effect of the lighting fixture at the same time; and the soft coloring is related to each other, and the change of the led color temperature will cause the change of the color rendering.

4. Looking at the power efficiency, many people will ignore it. In fact, the higher the efficiency of the power supply, the better. High power supply efficiency means that the smaller the functional loss of the switching power supply itself, the greater the power.

5. The power factor of the light-emitting diode lamp: low power factor indicates that the LED driver and circuit principle are not very good, which will greatly reduce the life of the lamp. The power factor is low, no matter how good the lamp bead lamp is, it will not be long.


How to treat the advantages of LED lamp beads?

1. Look at chroma. Generally, how many lumens (LM) your lamp beads can exceed.

2. See if the brightness is well-proportioned and the color tone is consistent. The cost-effective lamp beads are bright and well-proportioned, with the same color tone. Poor quality lamp beads will appear bright lamp beads and dark lamp beads. The bright tones are not uniform, and there will be noticeable shadows.

3. Look at the size of the chip and the chip, the chip is an influencing element of the quality of the bulb. Generally speaking, the larger the chip, the stronger the reliability, the higher the chromaticity, and the better the heat dissipation.

4. Look at superglue and luminous powder. Generally good equipment uses imported superglue. The sealed lamp beads will not deform when pressed, and the low-quality superglue will deform or even crack when pressed.

5 Brackets, the general brackets are gold-plated copper brackets. The gold-plated copper brackets are characterized by fast heat dissipation and can discharge heat to the lamp beads as soon as possible. The resistors are small. Some shops on the sales market will replace the gold-plated copper brackets and porcelain brackets with porcelain brackets. The heat transfer is very good.

6. Look at the packaging technology of LED lamp beads manufacturers, the cost-effective LED lamp beads are uniform in color, colloidal solution consistency is good, industrial equipment is indispensable, manufacturing industrial equipment is a key element, and good equipment and facilities can ensure the process of each process. The stability and consistency of the equipment ensure the good rate of equipment.



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