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Why can the LED bulbs of LED lamp bead manufacturers be used in more places


Since the early indoor LED bulb version was developed, designers have faced various technical challenges. The wholesale of LED lamp beads includes the conversion of AC to DC power supply, heat dissipation design, physical space constraints brought by the current bulb size, Electrical transients, coupled with the basic challenge of driving LEDs to produce light.

Initially, it is necessary to understand some basic information, such as the normal working current of the bulb of the LED lamp bead manufacturer, the applied voltage, the ambient temperature, the overload current level and the length of time the fuse must be opened, the larger allowable fault current and pulse, surge current, surge Incoming current, starting current and circuit transients, etc.

Whether it is using subtractive design to reduce costs and increase price competitiveness; or use gorgeous addition design to increase attractiveness and stimulate visual purchase desire, it is a good way to persuade buyers to accept leds. As the LED heat dissipation problem tends to diminish, the design of the power supply circuit becomes more and more simple and effective. Such conditions make Gu's appearance design more abundant and free, and the places that can be used are wider. Led bulbs can already enter many places where other traditional light source lamps cannot enter, and meet the light demand that these places could not meet before.


It is different from other light sources. When it is applied to lamps with traditional light sources, it will have many shortcomings, such as glare, poor heat dissipation, and unbeautiful light patterns. Therefore, when designing and applying traditional forms of lamps, we must pay attention to using methods to avoid these shortcomings; if conditions permit, we should even make a brand-new lamp design based on the advantages of LEDs and the basic lighting requirements mentioned above.

One of the major advantages of LED bulbs and LED filament bulbs for lighting is energy saving and environmental protection. The luminous efficiency of light reaches more than 100 lumens/watt, while ordinary incandescent lamps can only reach 40 lumens/watt, and energy-saving lamps are hovering around 70 lumens/watt. Therefore, with the same wattage, the effect of LED bulbs will be much brighter than incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. The brightness of a 1 watt LED bulb is equivalent to an energy-saving lamp of about 2 watts. A 5 watt LED bulb consumes 5 degrees of electricity in 1000 hours, and the life of the LED bulb can reach 50,000 hours, and the LED bulb has no radiation.


Bulb lamp

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